The NBC Bunker for Sale and Rent in Germany

Purchase your all-in-one secure back office, data center, bank vault storage, warehouse, secret laboratory, high-end fallout shelter now!


The NBC Bunker for Sale and Rent in Germany

Favorable geographical location will benefit your business in peaceful times and simplify your escape route on the doomsday.


The NBC Bunker for Sale and Rent in Germany

Meet plenty of office and living space equipped with high-performance air conditioning, configurable temperature/humidity, and much more...


The NBC Bunker for Sale and Rent in Germany

Featuring plenty of storage and laboratory space reachable via powerful elevator and advanced heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.


The NBC Bunker for Sale and Rent in Germany

Top-notch machinery and electronic equipment, e.g. power generators and uninterruptible power supply, to support your business and living in emergency.



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The NBC Bunker for Sale and Rent


55471 Wüschheim,
Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Only 17 km from


International Airport

The Gossberg (German: Goßberg) originally is a hill, with the highest point of 483 m (above the sea level), located in the municipality of Wüschheim, next to the border between municipalities of Bell and Hasselbach, in the district of Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis. It is also part of the low mountain range of Hunsrück in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. In the period of 1984–1989, the summit of the hill was excavated more than 30 m deep and transformed into a top-notch nuclearbiologicalchemical (NBC) bunker, operated mainly by U.S. Forces, in order to serve as a frontline center of highly-secure communication among all NATO troops in Europe, missile guidance and missile launch control center for the nearby missile base Pydna in case of the anticipated (back then) World War III and the associated nuclear holocaust.

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Year of Construction

Due to the end of the Cold War, the bunker was never put into actual military operation up until the end of construction and remains in an excellent condition.

Cost of Construction

To serve as a center of missile guidance and highly-secure communication among all NATO troops in Europe, an impressive figure was invested.

Gross Area

Internally, Gossberg is a 3-level building that offers plenty of office, laboratory, and storage space connected with two stairways and a heavy elevator.

Gross Volume

Given high ceilings all over the bunker and raised floors in the office area, it is comfortable to work there for humans and easy to cool computer equipment.

Explosion Hazard


Buried under massive layers of various composite materials combined into a know-how structure, Gossberg can even withstand a direct nuclear blast.

Nuclear Hazard


The bunker is specially designed to shelter occupants from radioactive contamination inflicted by radioactive debris and nuclear fallout after a nuke.

Biological Hazard


Thanks to a sophisticated air filtration system, the air supply at Gossberg is protected from germs or biological agents, such as toxins, bacteria, and viruses.

Chemical Hazard


Being a frontline NATO facility in Germany for the last and most intense 5 years of the Cold War, the bunker is resistant to all kinds of chemical attacks.

One of the most secure buildings ever inspected!
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